Exhibitor Info

Who will be exhibiting at the event?

We announce exhibitors on our website and social media channels on the lead up to the event. For more information please refer to the event guide which is now available online .

How do I buy things at the convention? Do the Dealers only take cash, or can I pay with a Debit/Credit Card?

That depends on the vendor. All of them, however, will accept cash payments. Be sure to ask what forms of payment they accept before agreeing to any purchases.

I want to set up a booth and sell at the event, who do I contact?

Check our pricing by clicking here and e-mail us at shop@gicc.gi to secure a retail/exhibitor stand, as only limited number of spaces are available on a pre-approval basis only.

When will I be able to set up my table/stand?

Set up will only be available the day before the event. Please refer to the e-mail sent by the GICC Team informing you of the specific setup times this year.

Do I have to take my items with me at night, or can I leave them at my table after the event closes?

Yes, you will be able to leave items at your table after the event closes. Security will be patrolling the venue 24/7. However, we suggest that you take any expensive items away with you, as under no circumstances shall the organisers be held liable should any item become missing or damaged.

Bootleg Policy

The buying and selling of counterfeit/knock-off/unlicensed materials is not tolerated by the organisers. GiCC is a celebration of the best of popular culture, and bootlegs have no place in the show. Violation of this rule will result in one and only one warning. A second violation and you’ll be removed from the show.

Can I bring my own tables?

No, you can only use the tables supplied unless you have chosen too purchase the extended space or the booth option.

Can I use my own grid wall/clothes rails?

Yes you can use your own grid wall/clothes rails etc as long as you stay within your area.

Can I use screens and sound systems?

Yes, you may use screens like Tablets, computers and TV (with sounds turned off). However you will NOT be allowed to use any form of sound system, as this can disturb the other sales and dealer tables. Failure to comply will result in the expulsion of the event immediately and no refunds will be given.

Is there a height restriction?

Yes, any display that exceeds 3m high must be notified in advance.

What can I sell?

Anything as long as it’s legal. If food is included you need to contact us first. All displays must be in good taste and reflect a family-friendly environment.

I have different people helping during the different days of the event, can we share passes?

No, passes are valid for the entire event and cannot be shared.

What can I use to create a display on the wall behind my table?

You may not damage or mark the wall. However, you can use blue-tack, white-tack or double sided velcro, as long as you ensure no residue is left on the wall. You will be charged for any damage or cleaning costs.

PLEASE NOTE, unless stated otherwise power is NOT included in ANY booking. Additional services such as power, rigging, must be provided in advance. Late orders will be subject to a surcharge. Contact us if you have any queries, or simply want to tell us how excited you are about the upcoming GICC 2019 (oh wait- we have social media for this!) you can contact us by phone on 54077818 or e-mail on enquiries@gicc.gi