Aaron Seruya

Aaron A. Seruya was born and raised in the British Overseas territory of Gibraltar. He comes from a long and distinguished family of Artists specialising in classical art. Aaron has always been passionate about his work and magnificently capturing the likeness of people he knows as well as people who are known by others. Aaron specialises in portraiture, scenery in the styles of photorealism.
Other areas where Aaron has excelled and demonstrated particular flare are in the pop and fan art genre. The fact that Aaron has been fascinated by the world of comic books since an early age is reflected in many of his commercial paintings.

Additionally, Aaron has been commissioned to paint various commemorative paintings including Gibraltar’s tercentenary celebrations (The Queen’s Birthday parade) as well as emblem-designs for the Regimental drums.
Another area of interest for Aaron are biblical paintings, these include Moses on Mount Sinai and the parting of the Red Sea.
Aaron’s painting efforts have been locally recognised receiving awards and commendations.
Needless to say, that Aaron is ready willing and able to undertake commissioned work at any time.