Gibraltar International Comic Con is excited to announce Spencer Wilding – An Actor, Martial Artist & a One-of -a-Kind Specialist Creature Performer is coming to our comic con.
Spencer is best known for his outstanding physical and acting ability, which secured his place on the big screen. As an actor, martial artist and a specialist in creating some of the most memorable creature performances of all times, Spencer is known for his outstanding roles in such classics as: Star Wars Rogue One, where he plays one of the most iconic characters of all times, Darth Vader. He has appeared in many films and series during his lengthy career, such as Men in Black, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Wrath of the Titans, Guardians of the Galaxy and Victor Frankenstein (to name a few). If this was not enough, Spencer is also a professional martial artist, trained in kickboxing who has been a British-Welsh Champion.
For the rare chance to meet Spencer this year, come to Gibraltar International Comic Con on October the 12th and 13th and if you are very lucky you might just be able to secure a VIP ticket. Tickets start from £5 a day.
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