Alarah Cosplay

My name is Tara and I’m Alarah Cosplay.

I’ve been making costumes on and off since 2011 and I am the winner of the first Gibraltar International Comic Con Cosplay Competition in 2017. During the Comic Con I met some amazing new friends and we’ve since started a Facebook group called Gibraltar Cosplay. It’s a group where everyone can come and ask for help, or ask where they could get supplies, or just show their work. We have entered a float in the Cavalcade, and we frequently get involved in Charity work together.

We’ve got lots more plans for the future so please check us out if you are interested. My hope is to encourage more people locally to give it a go, it’s so rewarding and so much fun to dress like someone else for a little while.

Facebook : Alarah Cosplay
Instagram : alarahcosplay