Sarcasm Cosplay

We are happy to announce that Shaun Lister (Sarcasm Cosplay) will be at GICC 2018!

Shaun is a Local cosplayer who is at this moment in the process of joining the prestigious 501st legion from Star Wars, the 501st legion are well known to Star Wars fans and was added to Star Wars cannon by George Lucas for all the charity work the 501st did, they are the preferred choice for Lucas Arts for costume events due to the movie accurate costumes.

Shaun is also hoping to create Gibraltar’s first 501st outpost to support local charities. Shaun is also an active member of the GiCC team and helped out with last year’s comic-con and volunteer work for Gibraltar Z-Day, Shaun is working on expanding his cosplay and we look forward to seeing what costumes he will be bring forward in the future.