Daniella Golt

NEXT UP!! Local Illustrator, Daniella has a message to share with you all:

“My name is Daniella Golt and I am 23 years old. I studied 2D Animation at the University of Hertfordshire.

Currently, I do freelance illustration work as a side job in addition to my day job, although when I find the time I also like making sculptures.

I became more interested in art in my early teens thanks to anime, video games and a general love of storytelling. I didn’t take art as a subject in school but I did a year or so of art lessons before university to help build my portfolio.

I draw a mix of fan art and original art— in my original art, I tend to slide more towards fantasy and sci-fi. I like to use vibrant colours in my art and try to give the characters dynamic expressions.

I take influence from pretty much any media I like. To name a few; Lord of the Rings, Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Dungeons and Dragons. There are also tons of online artists and friends that influence me, too many to name!

If you want to have a peek at my art you can go to https://www.daniellagolt.com/ .

Hope to see you at GICC! 

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