Sage Art

GiCC works alongside another gem in Gibraltar‘s Community- Sage and she has a message for you all!

“My pen name is Sage, I’m a local artist and co-founder of IM Comics. I draw realistic portraits, cartoons, character design and sequential art. I’m creating a manga called “Night in the Oblivion”, NITO for short, in a style which is based on my influences of both eastern and western art style. This year I will explore more into my manga, teach art and illustration and as co-founder of IM Comics, aim is to create a successful platform to help break the barrier for independent artist and writers.”

You can find more of Sage’s works on her facebook page:

Want to meet and greet Sage?? Buy your tickets now to May the 4th-6th Gibraltar International Comic Con 2018!!

In-store: Euphoria, Vijay & Music Corner