JP Mortiboys – The Sword Guy

Obsessed with swords and swordplay since childhood, JP discovered Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) in 2010 and finally realised his dream of learning how to hit other people with big swords. Safely. Ish.

Specialising in Liechtenauer longsword, with forays into Fiore, occasional thrusts into polearms and sideswipes into sword & buckler, wrestling, and dagger, he started his own HEMA club in Plymouth, while still attending the well-established “Iron Door Collective” in Exeter, UK.

Now seeking to start a new HEMA club in Gibraltar or the surrounding area, he is looking forward to the opportunity of showing the local community and comic-con guests an overview of historical fencing, with demonstrations and hands-on workshops for those interested in picking up a sword.