K-Pop Rules


Hello we are SBH a dance cover group and youth organization and we are collaborating with Gibraltar International Comic Con organizing the Asian dance cover contest.



Both solo dancers and groups can participate up to 25 entries in total.

If a person is already participating as a solo dancer they cannot participate as a group member and vice versa.

In order to proceed with the contest there must be at least 10 entries.

Just 1 entry is permitted per solo dancer/ group.

Minors must give an authorization from their guardian prior the celebration of the Gibraltar Comic Con Performance.

It can be any Asian pop dance cover ®Kpop, Jpop, Cpop… etc..

The total time of limitation is 5 minutes. If the song includes an intro it must not exceed 2 minutes which are included in the total amount already set.

The song must be sent in mp3 format to sbhsmileandbehappy@gmail.com

Requirements during the event

Contestants must be in the event 30 minutes prior the contest in order to check their assistance and their ID card/ passport.

Contestants must show good sportsmanship all through the event and contest/ Any incident that could be considered as a lack of respect or assault could result in your expulsion from the contest.


The registration goes through our online form which can be found here

Those selected will be contacted by the organizers in order to confirm their participation.

Minors must send the authorization that will be attached to the confirmation email after filling the form.

It will be forwarded to sbhsmileandbehappy@gmail.com

If you have any enquiries or suggestions please contact with the GiCC Team at sbhsmileandbehappy@gmail.com

Judging criteria

The judging panel Smile And Be Happy and they will consider the following criteria:


  • Coordination with group members and the music/Similarity with the original choreography,
  • Clean movement.


  • Corporal and facial including playback.


  • As similar as possible to the original® from the MV or lives©


  • Greeting and farewell.

The verdict is not subject to appeal.


1st place – £300

2nd place – Mystery Prize