Shaun Lister

Sarcasm Cosplay/501st Legion United Kingdom Garrison Shaun Lister is a 37 year old cosplayer from the UK but has resided in Gibraltar over the last 18 years. Shaun love of cosplay came from Halloween and dressing up but didn’t take root till he attended his first comic-con back in 2016 when he attended MCM London, this started his cosplay career. His first costume was Hunk from resident evil and was crafted to the highest detail possible. After this he then moved in to his true love, Star Wars. By 2018 Shaun had acquired a Screen accurate Imperial storm trooper costume and joined the prestigious 501st Legion and was cleared for active service in May 2018, in his time he has attended many charities events under the 501st Banner.

He has progressed to been the Event Administrator for the 501st united Kingdom Garrison and thus including Gibraltar under the UKG banner. By early 2019 Shaun moved on to his next costume a Imperial Tank commander. Thus earning him the Ids TK22201 and TA22201, Shaun will be moving on to his next set of costumes in 2020 and we look forward to seeing what he does next. Shaun is also a member of the GICC team and provides insight in to the comic-con world.