Cosplayers & Youtubers

Cosplay is the practice of dressing up as a character from a film, book, or video game, especially one from the Japanese genres of manga or anime.

Sarcasm Cosplay

We are happy to announce that Shaun Lister (Sarcasm Cosplay) will be at GICC 2018! Shaun is a Local cosplayer who is at this moment in the process of joining the prestigious 501st legion from Star Wars, the 501st legion are well known to Star Wars fans and was added to Star Wars cannon by… Continue reading Sarcasm Cosplay


Löwin Cosplay will be joining us at GiCC 2018!! Löwin is a Cadiz cosplayer that began in a way most would be in 2014. Her costumes range from 90 animes as Vampire Princess Miyu, to video games and more current series such as Assassin’s Creed or game of Thrones. Visit her facebook page Instagram Buy… Continue reading Löwin

Palepainter and NerdyMcnofriends

Really looking forward to seeing this smashing couple at Gibraltar International Comic Con 2018!! Palepainter and NerdyMcnofriends are a Belgian/ German self- taught, creative couple. They are award winning DIY cosplayers, European cosplay champion 2017, weirdo’s and lovers of a good immersive experience. For the love of acting and accuracy, they put a lot of… Continue reading Palepainter and NerdyMcnofriends

 Lily on the Moon

We are very excited to add another cosplayer to our GICC 2018 line-up, the lovely cosplayer Lily on the Moon! Lily is a French makeup artist, best known for her amazing Disney Princess Cosplay! Her Cosplay includes that of Ariel, Elsa and even action heroine Lara Croft! You can view some of her Cosplays here: We are looking forward to seeing Lily at our… Continue reading  Lily on the Moon

Erika In Blue

This 22-year-old YouTuber known as Erika in Blue has 41 thousand followers on Instagram and 34 thousand on youtube. “I love video games, makeup, photography, and fashion. I am distinguished by my blue hair, and offer knowledge on a mix of styles including Retro, Japanese and vintage.” “I enjoy creating and sharing a variety of… Continue reading Erika In Blue


Our next featured guest at GICC 2018 is none other than YouTuber PRNZE! PRNZE found fame through his YouTube posts of costumed parkour stunts! His real name is David, but is better known as Prnze or the “Spiderman of YouTube”. He has been practicing Parkour for many years and has always been a lover of… Continue reading Prnze

Han Jones

Han Jones “Cosplay” will land in Gibraltar for #GiCC2018! Han Jones is a french cosplayer who began his passion in 2008. Having been a Harrisson Ford fan since his young years, his cosplay started with embodying Indiana Jones. His passion for cosplay drew from his dream of being a comedian and a videogame character of other existing… Continue reading Han Jones

Ninja Monkey

Nathan Russell (Ninja Monkey) is a local Youtube creator who’s channel primarily centres around traveling. On his channel, you will find a wide range of videos showcasing his multiple trips to Japan and around the world, food-related content, local events and his exploration in the world of pop culture. Buy your tickets now at … Continue reading Ninja Monkey

Alarah Cosplay

Local Cosplayer, Tara Guilliano (Alarah Cosplay), is last year’s Cosplay Competition winner! Tara’s interest in costume and prop making started from watching her parents create their own costumes, chainmail, and props for their plays and musicals. Armed with a basic knowledge of sewing and pattern making she made her first costume in 2011 when she… Continue reading Alarah Cosplay

501st Legion (Spanish Garrison)

Marching into Gibraltar for the 4th–6th May GICC is none other than… the LEGENDARY 501st Legion!! The 501st Legion is an international fan-based organization dedicated to the construction and wearing of screen-accurate replicas of Imperial Stormtrooper armor, Sith Lords, Clone Troopers, bounty hunters, and rebel forces from the Star Wars universe! They are especially renowned… Continue reading 501st Legion (Spanish Garrison)


May the 4th to the 6th- Nuffield Complex will be packed with stylers! Next up, Cosplayer Nebulaluben has a message for you all: “My name is Laura, I’m from Madrid and I have been cosplaying since 2008. I made my own cosplays and I love to learn. Sometimes I collaborate with companies in the Electronic… Continue reading Nebulaluben