Guests 2018

Daniella Golt

NEXT UP!! Local Illustrator, Daniella has a message to share with you all: “My name is Daniella Golt and I am 23 years old. I studied 2D Animation at the University of Hertfordshire. Currently, I do freelance illustration work as a side job in addition to my day job, although when I find the time… Continue reading Daniella Golt

Hannah Spearritt

Hannah Louise Spearritt is an avid British actress, best known for her role as Abby Maitland in the TV series Primeval. She also starred as a key protagonist in Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London. Her other television roles include the Seed of Chucky, BBC sitcom Blessed, Death In Paradise, Miss Marple and Casualty. She originally… Continue reading Hannah Spearritt

Bryan Wallen Local Artist

Local Artist Bryan Wallen has a message for you all: “Hey all, names Bryan – I’m a local artist characterised by my love for comic books, video games and my sense of humour. You might remember me from last years GICC as the guy transforming the crowd into comic book heroes and villains through portraits and or… Continue reading Bryan Wallen Local Artist

Aimee Richardson a.k.a. Myrcella Baratheon in Game of Thrones

Aimee Richardson (born 29 December 1997) is an actress who portrayed Myrcella Baratheon in Season 1 and Season 2 of Game of Thrones. She is from Bangor, Northern Ireland. Her acting career started with a role in the 2008 film, Miss Conception. She has also starred in The Sparticle Mystery (2015), Storyland (2016), and My… Continue reading Aimee Richardson a.k.a. Myrcella Baratheon in Game of Thrones

Brian Williamson – comic book artist & illustrator

Brian is a British, London-based comic book artist and illustrator. He specializes in comics, graphic novels, and licensed character design. He has worked for clients such as Marvel, DC Comics, Warner Bros, Dreamworks, Aardman and has completed many Doctor Who projects for the BBC and Titan Comics. You can view his portfolio of works on… Continue reading Brian Williamson – comic book artist & illustrator

Amrit Birdi – No.1 Times Best-Selling Comic Book Artist

Great news!! Amrit Birdi will be joining us this year at GiCC 2018!! Amrit is a No.1 Times Best-Selling Comic Book Artist, most widely known for best known for illustrating Joe Sugg’s Username:Series (Hodder & Stoughton). He and his team have delivered comic art, concept design, storyboards and commercial illustration for international brands and publishers… Continue reading Amrit Birdi – No.1 Times Best-Selling Comic Book Artist

 Ross O’Hennessy a.k.a. The Lord of Bones in Game of Thrones

Slaying his way into GICC 2018 lineup is Ross O’Hennessy!! Ross O’Hennessy is an actor best known for playing ‘The Lord of Bones’ in HBO’s award-winning series GAME OF THRONES. He is equally renowned for playing the bloodthirsty character of ‘ Sir Locke,’ in Kurt Sutter’s medieval drama ‘ The Bastard Executioner. You can view his… Continue reading  Ross O’Hennessy a.k.a. The Lord of Bones in Game of Thrones

Aaron A. Seruya Local Artist

Proud to announce that Local Artist Aaron A. Seruya will be attending GiCC 2018!! Although a busy lawyer of Key Legal Services Ltd, Aaron dedicates the remainder of his time to painting and the arts of cosplay! His art is based on Popular culture, in particular, Comic Book and Sci Fithemes. In 2017, Aaron held his debut exhibition at… Continue reading Aaron A. Seruya Local Artist

Max Grodenchik a.k.a. Star Trek’s Rom, Son of Keldar

Do you crave profit? Suddenly find yourself fondling your earlobes? Is Latinum seductive? If so we are thrilled to announce that Max Grodenchik(Rom, son of Keldar) will be at Gibraltar International Comic Con 2018! Max is an American stage, film, and television actor, best known for his role as Rom, a recurring character on the television series Star Trek:… Continue reading Max Grodenchik a.k.a. Star Trek’s Rom, Son of Keldar

Mike Belzer

Also joining us at GICC 2018 is professional animator Mike Belzer! Mike started animating when he was 13 years old. As a professional animator, he has worked for such companies as Walt Disney Feature Animation, Warner Bros, Pixar and Valve. Mike is perhaps best known for his work on Tim Burton’s ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’, where… Continue reading Mike Belzer

Robb Crafer – Prosthetics Make-up Artist

We are ecstatic to announce that Robb Crafer shall be attending GICC 2018!! Robb is a makeup and prosthetic artist, whose portfolio is extensive and in includes: Solo: A Star Wars Story, The Mummy, Transformers 5: The Last Knight, @Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Fury, and many more! Robb’s experience in the Film industry is certainly welcomed in Gibraltar, and… Continue reading Robb Crafer – Prosthetics Make-up Artist

Michael Henbury Ballan

Star Wars Actor Michael Henbury Ballan, famous for his role as Ewok in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, will participate in this year’s Gibraltar International Comic Convention. Local events and creative agency, Sunbow Projects, has just confirmed the announcement in an exclusive for YGTV. Michael is an English actor and is most… Continue reading Michael Henbury Ballan

Clem So

We are very excited to have Clem So with us this year! Clem is a featured and in-demand face in the film industry, having worked on over 30 major feature films to date and numerous TV shows including: SHERLOCK BEING HUMAN  Ten episodes of DOCTOR WHO, notably as the Mandarin Clockwork Droid in Peter Capaldi’s first episode… Continue reading Clem So


“ART TOYS: MORE THAN DIS(PLAY)” Art Toy Gama are a group of artists and professionals with different backgrounds and experiences from Spain, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, and the USA. They explore a different dimension of toys and promote International Art Projects around the world. One of the specific artists joining us at GiCC 2018 will be… Continue reading GAMA ART COLLECTIVE

Aaron Caballero Local Cosplayer

Aaron Anthony Caballero welcome to GiCC 2018!! Aaron is well known locally for his many years of contribution to Gibraltar not only in the dance scene but also for the numerous plays he has participated in locally, winner of Gibraltar’s Manhunt model contest and also for having raised funds for numerous local charities as a cosplayer.… Continue reading Aaron Caballero Local Cosplayer

Sage Art

GiCC works alongside another gem in Gibraltar‘s Community- Sage and she has a message for you all! “My pen name is Sage, I’m a local artist and co-founder of IM Comics. I draw realistic portraits, cartoons, character design and sequential art. I’m creating a manga called “Night in the Oblivion”, NITO for short, in a style which is… Continue reading Sage Art

Smile & Be Happy

Next up We have a slightly different twist on this years Con!! More activities, more fun & entertainment!! “Hii!! We are a K-Pop group from Malaga and we call ourselves Smile And Be Happy. We have 6 years of experience dancing and 3 years of helping in the organisation of events around K-Pop <3 . We are… Continue reading Smile & Be Happy

Presenter: Christina Cortes

And now a big warm welcome to our 2nd guest presenter Christina Cortes!! Christina is a senior broadcast journalist at GBC. Together with co-host and friend, Michael Beltran, she presents a movie review segment as part of the weekly magazine show “The Hub“, and has co-presented a number of special programmes on movies, most recently on this… Continue reading Presenter: Christina Cortes

Presenter Julian Felice

Drumroll pleasee!! One of our guest presenters for Gibraltar International Comic Con 2018 will be…..Julian Felice!!! Julian Felice is a drama teacher and internationally published playwright. Three of his plays have been published in the US and performed in a number of locations across the States. He has significant experience as an actor and is… Continue reading Presenter Julian Felice

Asociacion Wyverns

Also coming to GICC 2018 is none other than role play group Asociacion Wyverns! Wyverns are a youth group that specialise in Medieval Fantasy live action role play. Their armour and weapons are accurate to the era, and their weapons are made from injection foam, and therefore safe to use in friendly combat. Due to… Continue reading Asociacion Wyverns