Tips for Comic Con 2018

#13: Facilities

So we’ve had some questions with regards to various facilities we’ll have, so here’s a rundown of just a few things we’ll have at the con. Food and Drink We will have a variety of food and drinks available at the con, hot and cold by our lovely caterers, this was realised after receiving valuable… Continue reading #13: Facilities

#03: Gibraltar International Comic Con’s Exhibit Space Do’s and Don’ts

Welcome to the first edition of “Exhibit Space Do’s and Don’ts!” We’re back with another helpful list of tips and tricks to help you navigate our Exhibit Hall and enjoy a safe Gibraltar International Comic Con 2018. DO! know what a floor manager is & how to spot them GiCC’s Exhibit Space is a vibrant… Continue reading #03: Gibraltar International Comic Con’s Exhibit Space Do’s and Don’ts

#02: Cosplaying at GiCC 2018

One of our favorite parts of Gibraltar International Comic Con is the cosplay! From Spiderman and Blackwidow to Jasmine and Aladdin, the lobby and Exhibit Hall are often filled with amazing costumes. However, the safety of our attendees and guests is our number one priority. If your costume includes a prop or weapon, it must be checked… Continue reading #02: Cosplaying at GiCC 2018

#01: The Gibraltar International Comic Con 30-Day Countdown!

May the epic countdown begin! We’re a mere 30 days away from Gibraltar International Comic Con 2018! Let’s start with a short history lesson, shall we? Once upon a time, there were a group of creatives going by the name of Sunbow Projects, who wanted to organize an event encompassing all the makings of the… Continue reading #01: The Gibraltar International Comic Con 30-Day Countdown!

#07: Competition Tips

No, not more rules! Here are some tips for entering the cosplay competitions. Prove it. If you’ve spent ages working on your cosplay, and you’re proud of your endeavours, then why not showcase you work in progress? This isn’t necessary of course, but if you had a few pictures in a small booklet with how… Continue reading #07: Competition Tips

#08: Artist Stalls

Along with local retail shops and communities, there will be an artists area with a lot of talented artists displaying their fine work. Here are a few tips on the Artist stalls: First contact. A lot of the artists won’t have all of their work on display, they generally have a facebook page or a… Continue reading #08: Artist Stalls

#09: Meet Our Guests

This year’s GiCC guest list is a massive 4x bigger than last year’s first ever GiCC and they are awesome! Here are some tips to help you optimise your experience! Read up on your guests – “May the Force be with you, Tuvok!” Although most guests are known for a certain role in your favourite… Continue reading #09: Meet Our Guests

#10: Costume Props Check Desks at Gibraltar International Comic Con 2018!

If you’re coming to Gibraltar International Comic Con in costume and that costume includes any kind of prop or weapon, you’re going to have to have it checked and tagged at one of our Costume Props Check Desks at the event. Here are some things to keep in mind when going to GiCC 2018 in… Continue reading #10: Costume Props Check Desks at Gibraltar International Comic Con 2018!

#11: Visit Gibraltar!

If you’re from out of town and reading this, you’re probably coming to Gibraltar specifically for the Comic-Con. But there’s a whole, big, beautiful city out there beyond the walls of the Convention Center, and we whole-heartedly recommend you see at least some of it. In addition to Little Bay and Rosia beach, Europa Point… Continue reading #11: Visit Gibraltar!

#12: K-Pop Competition

So this year, GiCC have invited the popular K-Pop group ‘Smile and be Happy’ to kick off our K-Pop competition with a bang, gundam style…but what is K-pop? What is K-Pop? K-pop or otherwise called Korean pop is a musical genre of electronic, hip-hop, pop, rock, and R&B music originating in South Korea. In addition to… Continue reading #12: K-Pop Competition

#14: Tabletop Gaming

It’s not all fun and games… Ow wait…YES IT IS! Last year the tabletop community joined GiCC and left its mark. From introducing us to various easy to play board and card games, to having an interactive live role-playing game bringing the imagination to life with excellent storytelling and improvisation. This year we want you… Continue reading #14: Tabletop Gaming

#15: Essentials!

Countdown to GiCC has begun and only 15 days left till the big weekend. Below are some basic but essential tips on preparing for the day. Have a plan We’ll have a schedule of seminars, competitions etc.. for our guests, make sure you know what’s going on and when so you don’t miss out on… Continue reading #15: Essentials!

#17: Kids Zone

Welcome to #17 of our GiCC Tips! We’ve had a lot of questions about Children, and if the GiCC event will cater for them. The answer is YES, absolutely! But here are a few tips for the parents or guardians: Weather So far our weather forecast for May 4th-6th says it’s going to be good… Continue reading #17: Kids Zone