#06: Local Artists and Cosplayers

Local Artists and Cosplayers also feature at GiCC 2018!! Aspiring to be a Cosplayer or learning how to unleash your creative juices??? Here is your chance to ask all the questions you need, to join us on this adventure and be taken through the experiences of accomplished actors and guests.

From our local pool of creatives, we will be joined by Aaron Seruya, Bryan Wallen, SN Battle Reports, Sarcasm Cosplay, Sage Manga, Leon designs, Aaron Caballero, Palepainter & NerdyMcnofriends, Spaghetti Head, Daniella Golt, Ninja Monkey, Liam Perera, Löwin Cosplay and Alarah Cosplay.

Want to be more involved in the GiCC world?? Contact us and connect with the Gibraltar Comic and Anime Convention Society.

All talent are kindly sponsored by