#07: Competition Tips

No, not more rules! Here are some tips for entering the cosplay competitions.

Prove it.

If you’ve spent ages working on your cosplay, and you’re proud of your endeavours, then why not showcase you work in progress? This isn’t necessary of course, but if you had a few pictures in a small booklet with how you made your awesome costume, why not show how much work was actually put into it? It’s sure to give you a boost in the polls!

Own the stage.

As well as looking like a character, portraying the character is just as important. If you’re a badass warrior show your fury! If you’re a sexy catwoman show your sass! It’s the best way to portray the character.

Mirror Mirror…

Check yourself out… I know weird advice huh? But seriously, check out your movements, and how your cosplay acts with it, you might need to go up some stairs or do a cool stunt on stage, but your shoulder armour doesn’t allow movement that way, and get help if you need it.

You need help!

No, not because you’re 32 and dressed as some anime only 6 people have seen, but because you’re costume might need a button fixing in places you don’t reach, or your cool mask doesn’t let you see that well and you’re surrounded by kids who want photos – yeah these things happen, try have someone with you if this is the case.

Be good.

Yeah that’s easy to say right? I don’t mean be good at the comp, I mean be good to other competitors, they like the same things as you and have put in effort just as much as you, be good to each other and most importantly, enjoy yourselves.