#08: Artist Stalls

Along with local retail shops and communities, there will be an artists area with a lot of talented artists displaying their fine work. Here are a few tips on the Artist stalls:

First contact.

A lot of the artists won’t have all of their work on display, they generally have a facebook page or a website where they display and even sell their artwork. Don’t be shy to ask for a website or a Pinterest link, a lot of these artists have business cards to give out. Some of these people are either experienced ‘Con(vention)-men’ or first timers, don’t worry, they don’t bite and generally like being asked about their work.

Draw me a Dinosaur with an eyepatch on a Segway.

Where most artists take commission work, some don’t because they work officially for certain 3rd parties or some other reason. Please ask them if they take commissions and prices before making any requests, it may sound simple but it’s better to ask first.


If you like their work, TELL THEM! It can be quite scary on your first day at a convention and showing off work that you didn’t think would get seen, don’t hold back if you like the work because being nice is, well… nice.

Think you’re up for it?

If you think you’ve got the talent and want to show off your work, make sure you check the tickets page HERE, a table comes with free entry to GiCC, so you’re already winning!

Make sure to contact us if you have questions: Enquiries@gicc.gi