#13: Facilities

So we’ve had some questions with regards to various facilities we’ll have, so here’s a rundown of just a few things we’ll have at the con.

Food and Drink

We will have a variety of food and drinks available at the con, hot and cold by our lovely caterers, this was realised after receiving valuable feedback from last years options.

Will you sell K-pop?

It’s not a drink! See more on K-pop here. We will have a competition running so sign up if you’re interested.


Firstly, we’ll be selling unique GiCC merchandise at the con, but we have local shops setting up stalls too, selling Funko pops, comics, warhammer, board games and other GiCCy goodness. We’ll also have an artists section that you seriously do not want to miss!


Our guests will be giving out seminars and taking questions at the event,  be sharing tips and their personal experiences to our visitors. VIP’s will get front row seats for the whole show! Find out more about VIP tickets here.

Tabletop gaming

The SN battle reports team will be joining us along with the tabletop community to keep us entertained. Should you want to participate or find out more, check their awesome website here the best Warhammer and tabletop conventions happen in Gibraltar so be ready for a show!!  You’ll also not want to miss the continuation of last years’ live-action Role Playing Games with a new panel of talented guests.

Celebrity guests

So we’ve touched upon this on various tips, but as you know we’ll be having various actors, film industry experts, cosplayers, body painting and social media guests from YouTube and Instagram. YouTubers are likely to ask if you’d like to be on their channel and, should you wish, you have the opportunity to share your own personal skills or aspirations with a broad-based audience.

Local guests

Anybody who lives here will know about the high density of artists and creatives here. Gibraltar is laden with so much incredible talent!! Gibraltar International Comic Con is a place for creatives, innovators and the unconventionals to enjoy a day of encounter with like-minded individuals and simultaneously learn from others who might have a completely different skillset!! Who knows if you’ll start something new from there? Come on down to Gibraltar International Comic Con and see for yourself!

“Comic Conventions are not my kind of thing”

You might not be an Artist like many of our local guests, but you’re a gamer or a dance enthusiast or just want to enjoy a day of artsy entertainment with the kids (there will be supervised kids workshops and activities throughout the event). There is something for all at GiCC 2018!! For any further questions about what else GiCC has to offer, please get in contact on enquiries@gicc.gi

Buy your tickets now at http://www.gicc.gi/tickets or buy them in-store at Euphoria, Music Corner or Vijay. #visitgibraltar