#14: Tabletop Gaming

It’s not all fun and games…

Ow wait…YES IT IS!

Last year the tabletop community joined GiCC and left its mark. From introducing us to various easy to play board and card games, to having an interactive live role-playing game bringing the imagination to life with excellent storytelling and improvisation.

This year we want you to join us and participate in both the storytelling and gaming side, as GiCC is all about having a place where you belong (see GIBSAMS).

Do I need to know about the games?

No, simply approach the tabletop section and ask if you can join, our friendly helpers will be there to explain how it works and to help you enjoy your experience. Whats more, it doesn’t cost you a thing! And you can leave the table at any point – no pressure.

What’s an RPG?

Royal Gibraltar Police? No, bless them- they’ll be working hard making sure we’re all safe. RPG is a “Role-Playing Game”, where you create or take on a character and play a story using a pencil, some dice and the theatre of the mind. It’s cooler than it sounds, and you’ll see what we mean in the live show – should you want to know more about starting or joining an RPG after the event please see one of our tabletop team.

SN Battle Reports

The SN guys will be joining us again this year showing a variety or cool gaming displays and cool armies – Should you want to join the wargaming community, there is a huge amount of people playing a ready to help on hand, just look for one of the SN guys and ask how to sign up, there will be both Wargaming and Boardgaming related stalls at the site to make your experience an easier one.

To avoid disappointment, buy your tickets to GiCC 2018 now at http://www.gicc.gi/tickets or in store at Euphoria, Vijay and Music Corner.