#15: Essentials!

Countdown to GiCC has begun and only 15 days left till the big weekend. Below are some basic but essential tips on preparing for the day.

Have a plan

We’ll have a schedule of seminars, competitions etc.. for our guests, make sure you know what’s going on and when so you don’t miss out on anything. Every con(vention)-man knows to get your tickets for signatures and photo ops first thing, you don’t want sellouts on your favorite guest halfway through the day. The same goes for competition times.

Have a plan B

No nothing to do with your partner and the fact that he’s dressed like a gremlin, we’re talking about clothing and being comfortable. Although costumes are cool, these events are long and we want you to be comfortable, leave some spare clothes in the car or in a bag in case you want to stay longer. When your tail or wig is giving you an uncomfortable itch, give it a ditch.

There will be plenty of parking available just outside the event.

Have a plan C

In the wonderful world of cosplay, wardrobe malfunctions happen more times that we’d like to admit. Have a secret stash of safety pins, tape, glue or paint for last minute touch-ups and leave it in the car, they might not be for you necessarily, but you’ll be someone’s real life hero if you help them out in these situations, be a cos-medic for the people!

There will be changing rooms available at the event.

More updates on Facilities coming up!! Watch this space!!

#visitgibraltar Buy your tickets now at http://www.gicc.gi/tickets or in-store at Euphoria, Vijay or Music Corner.