#17: Kids Zone

Welcome to #17 of our GiCC Tips! We’ve had a lot of questions about Children, and if the GiCC event will cater for them. The answer is YES, absolutely! But here are a few tips for the parents or guardians:


So far our weather forecast for May 4th-6th says it’s going to be good all weekend, but be prepared with sun cream and bring something warm for when the sun disappears.

Fun and games

There will be a kids section at the location with competitions, prizes and stickers for all, and chances are there’s going to be a lot of running and playing – We’ll have all sorts of snacks, food and drinks available but if your child has any special dietary requirements, make sure to bring some of your own so that it doesn’t cut your day short.  A detailed itinerary of what will be available is coming soon, so watch this space!

Buy your tokens at the Venue

We’ve mentioned this before, but every con experiences a child breakdown or two because they’ve seen a toy or t-shirt and they NEED IT but the stall itself doesn’t accept cash/card – only our tokens which can be bought at the venue. The tokens can be bought with cash or card, save yourself a headache, if you don’t spend it, you still get to take it home at the end of the day, we promise…

Have fun!

Whether you want to stay with your child or leave them for a small price with our trusted minders and wander around the con.  For the less experienced con-goers, it may be a little daunting to approach someone and asking for a photo, or asking ‘what are you playing?’ at a table. Please don’t be shy, ask away! These events are for everyone to feel at home and there is no prejudice, have fun, try something new and participate!

See GIBSAMs, our chosen charity for the event, they do a great deal of work for the community.