#18: Vlogging, Blogging, Facebooking and Instagramming

This year, we are bringing guests from all sections of social media, and they will be at the event showing the world the awesomeness that is the Gibraltar International Comic Con!! Here are a few tips on how to get involved.

Do your research.

Have a look at our guests and their related social media accounts HERE, follow them and watch their videos. Some of them have already been talking about GiCC, for example Erika in Blue HERE or PRNZE HERE , just to give you an idea of our guests and to have something to talk about when you meet them.

Get involved

Do you have a YouTube account? Are you an Instagrammer? Why not take out your mobiles and go live and show your friends what’s going on, this is common amongst the convention scene and if you enjoy it perhaps others will when they watch it, show off your cosplay, the fantastic work Gibraltar’s Community of or friends, and take part! Have fun! And share with your friends, who knows? Maybe next year you’ll have a million followers and be sat on the other side of the table, sky’s the limit!